Top 10 places to buy in the UK

With signs of recovery in the property market, now is the time to invest. Graham Norwood suggests the 10 best places to buy in the UK

Improved transport links are opening up new parts of the countryside
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Improved transport links are opening up new parts of the countryside  Photo: DAVE PORTER / ALAMY

1 Kent

This is an easy domestic winner for one reason – transport. Commuter favourites such as Sevenoaks are now vying for attention with new hot spots including Ebbsfleet (just 17 minutes to London’s St Pancras). New fast services will soon link the capital with hard-to-reach locations such as Folkestone and Ramsgate, where you can still buy a family house for £200,000. Kent’s villages are beautiful, but if you want to make money choose a more functional property in an urban location which can be rented to commuters. Kent Estate Agencies (01227 463344; www.kent-estate-agencies.co.uk).


2 Milton Keynes

Forget concrete cows and roundabouts – these days MK is all about housing. It is London’s official overspill town, with quick rail and road links to the capital. There are new suburbs being built that do not stick to MK’s Stalinist grid system, too. Spend £150,000 and you will have secured a good apartment to let. Astley Sharpe estate agency (01908 571555; www.astleysharpe.co.uk).

3 Exeter

It’s on the M5, has new business parks and an airport that is Flybe’s main hub. The university is highly rated and the city’s rugby team is in the premiership. A prime-location one-bedroom apartment costs about £130,000 and two beds is approximately £175,000. What’s not to like? Whitton & Laing (01392 259395; www.whittonandlaing.com).

4 Aberdeenshire

Aberdeen has always been rich thanks to its oil, but now the region has been voted as having the best quality of life in Scotland. “It scores highly on several indicators such as health, life expectancy, employment, average earnings, school results and climate,” says Nitesh Patel, survey author for the Bank of Scotland. Around £250,000 will get you a small house. Bain Property Agency (0845 337 6907; www.bainprop.co.uk).

5 Corby

A decade ago it was known for £30,000 homes, high unemployment and a higher crime rate. Now it has a regenerated centre, a new swimming pool and theatre.

And, crucially, there is a rail link to London. Homes now start at £90,000 and post-recession this place will fly. Yates Walker (01536 261666; www.yateswalker.co.uk).

6 Yorkshire market towns

Northallerton, Skipton, Immingham and the rest offer low-cost homes (apartments from £70,000) ripe for investment and improvement. “Market towns command a significant premium. They’re often attractive for those looking to more idyllic surroundings without sacrificing important amenities,” says Martin Ellis from the Halifax. Dacre, Son & Hartley (01274 560421; www.dacres.co.uk).

7 Basingstoke

A three-bedroom family house for £190,000 or an apartment for under £100,000 this close to London and near a mainline station? It is possible, and the town also hosts many private corporations’ British bases, so may resist the public sector cuts.

Barons (01256 840111; www.baronsestateagents.co.uk).

8 Oxford

It’s not cheap but this city remains resilient to the downturn. North Oxford houses (up to £1.5 million) are popular for schools. Smaller homes to the east (up to £500,000) are closer to the M40. Chancellors (0800 454 898; www.chancellors.co.uk).

9 Newport

Unglamorous yet sought-after by renters and buyers priced out of more fashionable Cardiff down the road. The riverside has been sexed-up and plans are afoot for a new centre. You can find a good house for £160,000 here, or a new apartment for £125,000. Roberts & Co (01633 267788; www.robertsandcoestateagents.co.uk).

10 Central Birmingham

Right now Birmingham looks like a poor investment. There are too many empty flats and too few buyers plus tenants. But if the controversial High Speed Two (HS2) rail link brings Britain’s second city within just 49 minutes of the capital, then this may turn out to be a shrewd investment.

Birmingham’s city centre is surprisingly cheap. About £200,000 will buy you a top-end flat and £300,000 should secure you an executive house.

A good estate agency to check out is James Lawrence Investments (0121 604 4060; www.jameslaurenceuk.com).

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改善运输环节开辟新部分农村照片:戴维波特/ ALAMY的


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这是一个简单的原因之一国内赢家 - 运输。通勤的最爱,如七橡树现在关注的新热点,包括艾贝斯费特(只需17分钟,到伦敦的圣潘克拉斯)争夺。新的快速服务,将尽快联系在一起难以达到如Folkestone和拉姆斯盖特,位置,你仍然可以购买一个家庭的房子,20万英镑的资金。肯特的村庄是美丽的,但如果你想赚钱,选择在城市的位置,可以出租给乘客更多的功能属性。肯特地产代理(01227 463344; www.kent地产agencies.co.uk的)。


忘了具体的奶牛和回旋处 - 这些天的旺角是所有有关房屋。这是伦敦的官方的流溢镇,与资本的快速铁路和公路连接。有不坚持MK的斯大林格系统,也正在兴建的新郊区。花15万英镑,让您将获得一个很好的公寓。阿斯特利夏普地产代理(01908 571555; www.astleysharpe.co.uk)。




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这对M5,具有新的商业园和Flybe航空公司的主要枢纽机场。大学的高度评价和城市的橄榄球队在英超。一个首要的位置一间卧室的公寓约13万英镑两张床的费用约为£175,000。有什么不一样?惠顿与莱恩(01392 259395; www.whittonandlaing.com)。


仔一直丰富的石油,但现在该地区已投在苏格兰拥有最好的生活质量。 “分数高的几个指标,如健康,寿命,就业,平均收入,学校成绩和气候”,为苏格兰银行的调查作者Nitesh帕特尔说。英镑左右250,000,将让你的小房子。贝恩地产(0845 337 6907; www.bainprop.co.uk)。



而且,重要的是,有铁路连结到伦敦。公寓现在开始在90,000英镑,经济衰退后,这个地方将飞。 ,耶茨沃克(01536 261666; www.yateswalker.co.uk)。


northallerton,斯基普顿,Immingham,其余提供低成本住宅(从7万英镑的公寓)投资和改善的时机已经成熟。 “村庄和集镇指挥一个重要的保费。从哈利法克斯马丁·埃利斯说,“他们经常为那些寻找更多的田园诗般的环境,不牺牲重要设施的吸引力。 dacre,儿子哈特利(01274 560421; www.dacres.co.uk)。



男爵(01256 840111; www.baronsestateagents.co.uk)。


它不便宜,但这个城市仍然低迷的弹性。北牛津的房子(高达1.5万美元),为学校的流行。小一点的房子东面(高达50万英镑)是接近的M40。校长(0800 454 898; www.chancellors.co.uk)。


租房和购房者在道路上更加时尚卡迪夫价格乏味还抢手。河边已绝育手术,并在进行中的计划是一个新的中心。英镑160,000这里你可以找到一个好的房子,或125,000英镑的新公寓。罗伯茨公司(01633 267788; www.robertsandcoestateagents.co.uk)。




一个良好的地产代理,退房是詹姆斯·劳伦斯投资(0121 604 4060; www.jameslaurenceuk.com)。